I can’t believe how cool the PI’s are – not only can you run just about any form of OS on them, they are small enough to drop in your backpack, work with them on your desk with your laptop and a terminal session, and they run Kubernetes like crazy. I love the things – so much so, that I’m giving away a 4 node cluster to some lucky winner just for subscribing to our YouTube Channel and Website! What have you got to lose? Check out the details under the “Pi” tab on this blog site.Read More →

Don’t miss my conversation with Jeff Lanza – 20 Year veteran with the FBI’s Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorist division – we’ll get a chance to find out who some of the real bad guys are, what the FBI can and can not do and how YOU can better prepare and prevent your data from being a “Kidnapping” victim!Read More →

I had the opportunity this week to interview Michael Tso, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudian. What a very down to earth guy. Easy conversation, highly intelligent, but more than that, genuinely concerned about the worlds environment , protecting our data, and building long term solutions using S3 Object storage. You need to check out the interview in full on our You Tube Channel – it will be posted on July 5th in it’s entirety. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjaBbKPAaTb0dqLZ6bBuy3gRead More →