Husband, Father, Geek, Luther, Carpenter, Mac Addict, Guitarist, Teacher, Speaker, Designer, Technical Writer, Blogger, Brother and Friend

Over 30 years in the IT Industry has given me so many stories to share, educational moments, hair pulling afternoons and laughs so hard I could almost pass out – and I would not trade one second of any of it – ever. 


My certifications include Veeam Certified EngineerVeeam Certified TrainerVMware Certified Professional

I am a Sr. Systems Engineer and Technology Evangelist for Cloudian. I’ve given thousands of presentations over the years and my favorite one to do is always the next one. I’ve built Data Centers, Robotic Lines, Global Networks, DR and Backup Solution Designs, not to mention hundreds of infrastructures – but without a doubt, my biggest love is teaching and watching the light bulb go off when they get it.


Life is oh so short. Share what you know, so that you can prevent someone from making the same mistakes that you have already learned from

·       Family is Everything

·       Tell the ones that you love – you love them

·       First impressions only happen once

·       Never take yourself too serious

Van "The Vanimal" Flowers
The Vanimal